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5 HVAC Jobs Homeowners Can Do Themselves

When it comes to the heating and air conditioning in your home, an HVAC professional will always be your best bet when fixing, replacing, or servicing anything. Of course, not all jobs demand a professional’s touch and there are quite a few jobs you can do yourself to save a bit of time and money. These heating and air repairs and replacements are simply minor jobs with minimal tools needed, but before you begin it is important to check with any user’s manuals and have all the equipment to finish the job. That being said, these are five common HVAC jobs you can do by yourself:

  1. The Pilot Light
    If your furnace is running but the air being blown through your vents is no warmer or colder than the air around you, the pilot light could have been blown out or is not lighting anymore. This will only be the case with a natural gas furnace, and fixing the issue is nothing to worry about. This is one of the more basic jobs when it comes to homeowner HVAC repairs; simply find where the pilot light is and relight it. Once the pilot light is lit the gas can be used again to heat your home. On the other hand, be sure you aren’t experiencing a gas leak because re-lighting a pilot light with gas pumping out of the furnace can be dangerous. If you suspect this is the case, turn off the gas to your home and call an HVAC professional.
  2. Air Filter Replacements
    This job is an absolute cake walk, and as long as you don’t mind potentially getting a bit dirty then this is a simple 30 second job. Ironically this is the easiest job to forget about and can cause the greatest amount of damage if the air filter is never changed. Simply find either your furnace or air flirtation system and locate where the air filter is. Pull the old air filter out and slip a new filter in. It’s just that simple! Remember to replace your air filter once a month for maximum results.
  3. Replacing the Thermostat
    This might be a bit more hands-on and may have a bit of extra work to it, but you still do not need a professional license to change out your thermostat. You simply need the right tools and the knowledge to get this work done. It is easy to realize if your thermostat is working properly or not by noticing if the hot air stays hot, the cold air stays cold, and the temperature in the house is being maintained. Steps to changing the thermostat would include turning the electricity off in the area, unscrewing the mount from the wall, separating the wiring of the mount, and rewiring the new thermostat. If you are having a problem with this, or the thermostat is not working properly, then the thermostat may not be properly calibrated or there are other issues present.
  4. Sealing up Air Ducts
    Air ducts in your basement, crawl space, or attic can lose a lot of energy if they are not properly sealed and insulated. Found cracks can be fixed with liquid welding or caulk as well as duct tape for a temporary solution until you get your hands on proper materials. Furthermore, wrapping your air ducts in insulation is as simple as it sounds. Making sure your air ducts are secure and insulated is important especially for the harsher climate days, and an HVAC professional is not needed if you want to do the job yourself.
  5. Draining the Condensation
    In most air conditioning units there is a condensation drain that allows for moisture to drain out of the unit. This prevents it from leaking into the air ducts, growing stagnant and producing mold in the air system. Of course this drain is well known to become clogged over time with dirt and debris, which plugs up the water so it can spill out in the unit and into the air duct system. Keeping an eye on this drain and continuing to remove the dirt and debris from the area is important to let the condensation drain. That being said, if water has filled your air ducts, you will need help clearing it out before the air in your home becomes filled with mold, dirt, and debris.

HVAC jobs can range in difficulty, but that doesn’t always mean you need a professional to fix common problems or install easy to replace parts. If you are able to do these common HVAC job and you want to do them yourself, then by all means get to work! On the other hand if you simply don’t have the time, you don’t have the knowledge to do so, or you simply want a trusted professional HVAC technician to fix any problems that arise, then the trusted women and men of AmeriServ can help you out. Simply call us today and we will send someone at your earliest convenience.

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