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Georgia summers are humid and sweltering, and the last thing you want is to be trapped in a home with no air conditioning.

Deciding on a company to install or repair your residential A/C may seem simple because there are so many to choose from, but the truth is that choosing unwisely can be cause for great inconveniences such as incorrect installation, over-pricing, receiving low-quality products or hiring HVAC technicians that are not fully licensed and insured.

When it comes to air conditioning in your house, the only name you can trust is AmeriServ. Each of our employees is trained, licensed, insured, and subject to drug tests and background checks to make sure that when an AmeriServ van arrives at your home, you feel completely safe and well taken care of.

Whether you’re looking for an air conditioning system for a new home, a replacement for a malfunctioning or damaged unit, or simply looking to upgrade, AmeriServ is only a phone call away!

In the mean time, it’s important to know other ways to keep you and your family cool when the weather is hot and unbearable. Here are a few tips from AmeriServ on how to accomplish that:

  • The most simple solution is to open the windows of your home and let in some much-needed airflow. If you have small children or animals at play, make sure there are screens properly installed on each open window.
  • Turning on your ceiling fans is another way to create a refreshing breeze in your home. If you find that you don’t have enough ceiling fans for comfort, or there are fans that are in need of repair, our AmeriServ electricians can provide the necessary ceiling fan maintenance!
  • Closing your blinds is a great way to stop direct sunlight from shining into your home, making it darker and cooler.
  • Consider insulating your home better, plugging up any holes or gaps that could cause the cool air of your home to leak outside. The installation of reflective window film works similarly, to keep heat outside, where it belongs.

If you’re trying to stay cool for the sake of keeping your A/C bill as low as possible, you might want to consider having a more energy-efficient air conditioning system installed in your home. AmeriServ HVAC technicians can advise you on the types, brands and models of the best air conditioning solutions that will both trim your energy bills and keep you cool.

We can help you find the perfect air conditioning system for the size of your home and your budget, and we provide fast and courteous installation of the equipment you select. If you’re looking to keep your home and your family cool and comfortable this summer, call AmeriServ now and take the first step to experiencing superior HVAC service!

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