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From garage door installation and professional lighting design to all types of heating and cooling services, AmeriServ provides DeKalb County home and business owners with high quality work at unbeatable rates. We have skilled technicians at the ready for a variety of important home services, and we commit to helping our customers keep their equipment well-maintained and lasting for years to come.

Heating Installation
If you’re not happy with your current heating system, or it has broken down and left you in the cold, AmeriServ is here to help. Replacing or upgrading your heating system is simple with a trained HVAC technician on your side. Our heating installation for Dekalb County encompasses Lennox, Carrier, Goodman, Trane, and many other makes of popular equipment. Every installation is made with care and great attention to detail, so you can be sure that your heating system won’t fail you when you need it most.

Heating Repair
When something in your home or business breaks down, it’s understandable to want to fix it on your own— but when it comes to your heating system, there’s a lot to consider when trying to make an accurate diagnosis. At AmeriServ, DeKalb County heating repair means taking the time to troubleshoot the entire system and uncover exactly what the problem is. We have all of the knowledge and tools necessary to repair thermostat malfunctions, filter and airflow problems, and pilot light or ignition control issues. We also offer 24/7 emergency service response to get your heating system up and running as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Installation
Air conditioning installation in DeKalb County doesn’t necessarily have to be an expensive or stressful experience. At AmeriServ, we work within your budget to see what the most effective system for your home or commercial space would be, and we meticulously install the equipment so that it functions at its best and does its job to keep you cool. We install an service central air conditioning systems, ductless A/C, air handlers, and air quality systems of all makes and models.

Air Conditioning Repair
The best way to keep cool in the summer is to trust a dedicated team of HVAC experts with your air conditioning repair. DeKalb County is home to hundreds of thousands of families, and AmeriServ knows that being comfortable while at home is important to each and every one. Leaks, clogs, and natural wear and tear that goes unnoticed can create havoc in your air conditioning system, and could eventually result in total A/C failure. At AmeriServ, we are not only committed to providing cooling system repairs when something goes wrong, but we’re dedicated to staying on top of the condition of your equipment so you can get the most out of your air conditioning.

Electrical Installation
From your most simple request to your most large-scale electrical project, AmeriServ is at the top of the list when it comes to electrical installation in DeKalb County. We routinely install light fixtures, fans, GFCI outlets and wall switches, and we work with our customers to give them exactly what they want. At AmeriServ, we have a team of lighting design experts who specialize in both indoor and outdoor lighting for residential and commercial environments. We install accent lighting, recessed lighting, security lighting, track lighting, chandeliers, and more.

Electrical Repair
With so many different electrical devices, fixtures and appliances surrounding us on a daily basis, it’s important to rely on qualified electricians with sufficient experience to get the job done right the first time around. The AmeriServ team provides DeKalb County with electrical repair for standard and specialty outlets, light switches and dimmers, indoor and outdoor ceiling fans and lights, in-wall wiring, and safety inspections for homes and businesses alike.

Garage Door Installation
With access to attractive but sturdy garage doors from the country’s top manufacturers, AmeriServ focuses on giving you the door you’ve always wanted to most effectively insulate your garage, protect your vehicles and possessions, and enhance your curb appeal. We also offer heavy-duty, high-cycle commercial garage door installation for DeKalb County businesses and industrial environments, as well as services for gated entrances and service doors. Our technicians can help give you access to garage doors of custom sizes, various materials, and special features that fit all of your needs.

Garage Door Repair
Garage doors are more complex than they may initially seem. Springs, cables, bars, pulleys, tracks, panels, rollers, screws and hinges all need to be fastened properly and in good condition in order for the door to lift and close smoothly. If your door is making loud noises, hanging unevenly, stuck in one position, or won’t respond to your remote, AmeriServ can provide you with DeKalb County garage door repair services that cover anything from accidental damage and accumulated wear and tear, to replacements for faulty equipment or components.

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