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Central Air Conditioning Installation Issues

Things To Consider When Installing Central Air Conditioning In Your Atlanta Home

Setting up a central heating and cooling system in your Atlanta home may seem like a fairly uncomplicated project, but it’s important to realize that there are some very necessary steps to take in order to ensure that you uncover all potential obstacles as soon as possible. The best place to start is first consider when adding central air whether or not your home has the proper duct work for both heating and cooling of your home.

When it comes to ducts and registers, which are responsible for carrying the cool air throughout your home, it’s all about airflow and placement. Unfortunately there is a possibility that the ductwork you currently have, although suitable for heating your home, may not be compatible for also circulating cool air. There is also a possibility that the location of your registers could cause you issues, as many systems initially designed to be used for heating alone have registers that are installed in your floor and other low areas of your home. This kind of placement is great for a heating system, but undesirable for cooling. The possibility that your ducts are leaking or otherwise damaged is also important to investigate. Hindrances like these are just a few that you could encounter when installing your central air conditioning and consulting a quality contractor is the best way to reveal any and all problems that could make your installation particularly troublesome.

Atlanta Central Heat & Air Installation Considerations.

Make sure that, during the process of installation, you are choosing correctly sized units and accompanying paraphernalia. It is important to note that larger devices are made for the purpose of greater airflow, which means that all other parts of your cooling system must match in size in order to prevent problems. If there are size discrepancies within your system, it could account for unnecessary noise, as well as inefficiency in a variety of other areas. Another component of your system to keep an eye on would be the refrigerant, which is a chemical used for cooling. Sometimes your refrigerant lines need recharging, and as with just about every other case involving your cooling system, it is wise to call a residential ac professional. Without the proper amount of refrigerant, you will most definitely encounter performance problems and your system will not cool as effectively as it could.

One more subject to consider in this process is energy efficiency. Replacing old equipment, windows, and insulation in your home contribute to saving energy by preventing air from leaking outside, and ultimately saves you money. Routine and professional checks and cleaning of your equipment will help guarantee quality performance, and installing an automatically adjusting thermostat that can be programmed to raise or lower the temperature depending on your needs is another great way to control the energy you are using in your home. By considering all areas of central air installation, you can have the most crucial of your installation and energy-saving problems sought out and fixed, which can make adding central air to your home a beneficial experience that leaves you with the air system performance you want.




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