Choosing the Right Style Garage Door

December 18th, 2017


Choosing the right garage door is a decision that impacts safety, storage and the overall aesthetic of your home’s exterior. The options are overwhelming, and components such as garage door material and garage door opener systems are important factors you have to consider.

You want to make sure your garage door is going to function efficiently, protect against unwanted beings and enhance your entire curbside appeal. Although there are endless style options to choose from, these primary designs are a good place to start.


Traditional-style garage doors are composed of steel or wood, and can either be accompanied by small windows across the top or stand alone. Steel is the more commonly used material for traditional designs due to its durability and lack of routine maintenance needs. Square or rectangular panels add a touch of interest to the front of the garage door, and white paint is typically used in this design, although other colors are always an option. Traditional garage doors are installed with roll-up opener systems, which allow for the most space to be utilized. Traditional, as well as colonial and Cape Cod-style homes frequently looks best paired with this type of garage door.



Contemporary-style garage doors are designed with aluminum and glass to create a slick option rife with modern characteristics. Aluminum is used because of its lightweight, rust-resistant appeal, and it makes for a crisp framework around the glass panels. For maximum sunlight infiltration and an even sleeker design, a frameless glass garage door is an option. This will create the illusion of one large window, and a variety of glass textures and colors are used. Contemporary garage doors can be installed as swing-out or roll-up doors, although swing-out doors have become increasingly less popular due to their inefficiency. California modern is not the only style of home that can handle such a bold statement piece -  stone craftsman or ranch-style homes also pair well with a hint of industrial flair.


Carriage House

19th-century carriage houses were used for storing people’s carriages, and the doors had a very unique, barn-like charm that eventually led to today’s carriage-house-style garage doors. They can be made with steel, although carriage-style doors are almost always comprised of wood. Although wooden garage doors are more expensive and less durable than steel ones, their authenticity and detailed crafting potential add much more elegance and classic beauty to your home. What makes carriage house garage doors so unique is their double door feature and swing-out opener system. These characteristics give the doors their period-style, old-world design. Small and cozy home models such as cottages and farmhouse-style houses are commonly paired with these garage doors. However, large, regal home designs such as French-country, Mediterranean and Southwestern houses also look stunning with the carriage house doors.


Garage Door Help

Although the options are quite overwhelming, the process of choosing the right garage door can be much simpler with the right help. Choosing a company who can install your garage door and repair any problems with the door or opener system is very important.

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