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Common Electrical Issues and Causes

Electrical Issues and Causes

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Electricity flows through every essential appliance in your home or business. When they start to misbehave, the problem may be an electrical one, and not an issue with the appliance itself. Having inside knowledge on what goes on within an electrical system allows for less man-hours spent troubleshooting. This is not to say, of course, that you should become a relentless DIYer; getting help from a qualified Atlanta electrical service technician is always a great idea. However, having insight on the causes of these common problems will give you confidence in your meeting if have to make a service call.

Common Household Electrical Problems

Lighting, one of the most common and obstructive issues, can be tied in to many other system-wide electrical malfunctions. For example, flickering lights are a telltale sign of a main wire malfunction. When it seems as though your light bulbs are burning out much faster than usual, it is usually associated with a problem further up the circuit than the fixture. This can be due to the quality of power for your power company, or arcing connections in the wiring of the circuit; for both of these issues, an electrician will probably have a solution. It will be more expensive to purchase new bulbs on a regular basis than to have the circuit and fixture surveyed for internal problems.

Switches that control lighting fixtures have a capacity limit on wattage. The typical light switch has a limit of 1800 watts; the combined wattage of all lights controlled by one switch should not exceed the capacity. If some of your lights burn noticeably brighter than others, then this could represent a condition that will become notoriously destructive to other electrical appliances. These circumstances result from what is called a bad main neutral connection. Such a condition can be confirmed if you have experienced the death of other appliances beforehand. Be sure to bring these symptoms to the attention of your local Atlanta electrician. A problem like this, if left unchecked, can wreak havoc on your entire electrical system.

The world of electricity, for someone who is not an electrician, can sometimes seem over-complicated. Many feel helpless in such situations and make hasty service calls to maintenance workers they may not fully trust. A good number of problems which are seemingly catastrophic, or easily missed, sometimes have very practical solutions. For instance, power outlets that appear to be non-functional may actually be controlled by the very switches that you may have thought to be useless in the first place. Do not underestimate the power of the internet, tutorial videos, and other resources that are at our fingertips every day. Personally pursuing basic knowledge of general electrical functions can eliminate your fear of this seemingly uncontrollable force.

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