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Drainage 101

There are several DIY repairs when it comes to drains in your kitchen, bathroom, or basement. From clogged bathroom sinks to a smelly garbage disposal, there are ways to remedy these situations yourself. These tips aren’t just limited to repair, but maintenance. When done regularly, it can prevent a drainage disaster!

The Problem: Your kitchen drain is stinking up your kitchen and making it an unpleasant area to be in.

The Solution: Simply pour a cup of white vinegar down the drain, let it stand for 30 minutes, then rinse with hot water.

The Problem: Your sink suddenly backs up right in the middle of dinner preparations. You remember that you’ve let a lot of grease go down the drain. Can dinner be saved without calling in a plumber?

The Solution: Yes! Wrap a heating pad around the drain trap (or a hair dryer if you can hold it there long enough) until the metal becomes hot. This will melt the grease you have allowed to accumulate and allow you to flush it away with hot water.

The Problem: Your garbage disposal is producing foul smells that is overtaking the kitchen.

The Solution: Food and other bacteria can be caught in the disposal blades. White vinegar can be used to clean out the unit and then flush it all with very hot water.

The Problem: Your bathroom sink is taking forever to drain, and your patience is running this.

The Solution: A plunger is your best bet, surprisingly! Fill the sink with a few inches of water, next stuff a wet rag into the overflow opening of the sink. This creates a good seal so that no air can reach the drain, which increases the effectiveness of the plunger.

The Problem: Your cellar smells horrible because the water in the trap in your basement floor has evaporated.

The Solution: Fill the trap with nontoxic plumbing antifreeze. Make sure to block off the area to pets, to prevent any problems!



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