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It can be easy to forget just how much having light affects your daily work— until something goes wrong. Obsolete lighting may pose more of a hassle than a help, fixtures may suffer damage due to an unexpected accident, or loose connections and poor installations may be to blame for flickering or otherwise unreliable lighting. You may even find yourself wanting to upgrade the lights in your business to a more professional or contemporary style. Whatever the reason for commercial lighting maintenance, AmeriServ electricians are eager to help!

Commercial Lighting Services

When you need commercial lighting solutions that ensure a safe and functional work environment for your employees, AmeriServ is the name to call. We have been honing our skills for over a decade when it comes to trustworthy electrical work. Our team of professionals can:

  • Install, repair, and replace virtually any kind of commercial lights that you need serviced
  • Formulate a lighting maintenance plan to fit your needs so that the risk of unexpected lighting trouble is minimized
  • Help to design high-quality lighting solutions that turn your office, restaurant, retail outlet, etc. into a well-lit space that will impress clients and customers
  • Provide fast, expert electrician services 24/7 so that you don’t have to worry about problems that arise in the middle of the night
  • Guarantee that the services you receive are from trained and qualified AmeriServ electricians who have been drug screened and background checked before stepping foot on your property

AmeriServ is the company that metro Atlanta and north Georgia business owners trust to perform their duties with diligence and care, and find solutions that last. We pride ourselves in being able to work within your budget while still delivering the kind of service that can make a significant difference in your business. From repairing hard to reach lighting in stairways or ceilings, upgrading your lights to newer and more energy-efficient bulbs or fixtures, installing security lighting around the premises, or providing other services for malfunctioning parking lot lighting or burnt-out signs and lettering, AmeriServ can handle it all.

Flickering lights in your business are not only unattractive to your customers and distracting to your employees, they can be a warning sign of underlying electrical issues that are more serious than a simple, faulty light bulb. AmeriServ‘s thorough lighting inspections will ensure that your office or workspace is well-lit, professionally serviced, and a safe environment for all who visit. Contact us today at 678-CALL-NOW for both indoor and outdoor commercial lighting services you can trust!

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