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Atlanta’s Trusted Commercial Electrical Rewiring Company

AmeriServ is your answer for everything from commercial electrical maintenance to full design and build projects. Our expert electricians are on-site to deliver to your business the expertise, precision, and professional service you deserve. With AmeriServ, we guarantee your job will be done right.

Emergency Electrical Service

Our highly trained electricians are on call 24/7 to get your business running in the shortest possible time to ensure that you do not lose any more productivity than absolutely necessary.

Design and Build Electrical Projects

We have the experience and expertise to complete the necessary pre-construction work in-house. We do much of our own site work in-house with our own equipment.

Regular Electrical Maintenance

Your business can be crippled by power outages, poor wiring, and sloppy maintenance. Regular upkeep will identify potential problems before they cause you to lose power, lose business and lose money.

Power Quality

Power that is inefficient can wear out your equipment quickly. We can provide you with a quality power audit that can analyze and identify irregularities in power flow. After analysis, repairs can be made to correct those irregularities adding years of life to your lighting and equipment.

Panel Upgrades to Prevent Potential Dangers

Electrical fires are a hazard from improperly balanced or over-stressed electrical panels. Seriously stressed panels can damage equipment and overheat which is what causes fires. Our electricians can help your company determine if your load merely needs redistribution or if an upgrade or sub panel is necessary.

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