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When it comes to lighting options for your home, AmeriServ is the solution to all of your problems.
Having a well-lit home is crucial when it comes to achieving functionality and convenience, and it’s a job best left to electricians you can trust. No matter what the job, AmeriServ can complete it promptly and effectively the first time around!

Functional Lighting

Whether you live in an older home with outdated lights or wiring, or are working towards a customized house plan and are looking to fulfill your needs of basic electrical design, AmeriServ is here to get the job done. Our professional electricians can do much more than install light fixtures; we can upgrade virtually any kind of lighting in your home, replace needed devices, and respond to twenty-four hour emergency calls in case of unexpected blackouts or damages. Our technicians are trained to help you choose and install the right kinds of lights for your home, and will advise you on the best locations to install the lights for optimal results.

Outdoor Lighting

Whether you are looking to create a beautiful landscape and need creative exterior lighting design, or you simply want to light the path to your front door, AmeriServ has a huge variety of solutions at your disposal!
Basic outdoor lighting is absolutely necessary as a means of home security; at any given time, a homeowner should be able to survey their property for trespassers via porch lights or other conveniently-placed fixtures. Likewise, a homeowner or visitor should be able to follow a well-lit walking path to the front door in order to have a sense of security and awareness. Statistically, if the exterior of a home is well-lit, is it less often a target of burglary or crime. Call AmeriServ and let us help protect your family as soon as possible!

Decorative Lighting

Part of what makes a house feel like a home is knowing that your unique sense of style and personality is being freely expressed— and sometimes that means doing a little extra work. Many homeowners have a vision for their living spaces, and AmeriServ is here to help you achieve those dreams.
AmeriServ offers an array of sophisticated lighting options that many homeowners desire, including dimmers, LED lighting, motion-detecting and timed mechanisms and energy-efficient products. From recessed lighting to kitchen island lights, AmeriServ can turn any house into a beautifully-lit, comfortable home.
Let us help you create a personalized space that you will be proud to show off to family and friends!

The AmeriServ Guarantee

Our aim at AmeriServ is to deliver 100%customer satisfaction, no matter what kind of electrical service you may require. Our technicians are knowledgeable and highly experienced, and will carry out your tasks without being a disturbance to your family or daily routine. If you’re looking for quality lighting options to enhance the beauty of your metro Atlanta or North Georgia home, call AmeriServ today and we’ll show you what true customer satisfaction is like!

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