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Is your Covington home or business having electrical problems and you can’t figure out what is wrong? Do you smell burning, see sparks, and your breakers are continuously being tripped? Maybe you are have wiring issues, or maybe you just want to redesign your home or business lighting for a more modern and energy efficient system. At AmeriServ our professional electricians can fix any electrical problem you may have and more.

Once you decide it is time to a hire an electrician to take care of your Covington home or business it is important to hire the right person for the job. There are many low cost electricians without a professional license, insured, or properly trained to handle the problem or job you need worked on. At AmeriServ you will not have to look any further than us, because at AmeriServ we fully vet each of our professional electricians and expect a certain standard of excellence. We will also never send a technician who is unfamiliar with your electrical needs. We will guarantee the work of each of our professional electricians because we only hire the best. We do this because we can, at AmeriServ we have been serving the greater Covington area for over ten years and with that track record we only attract the best.

Whether you are having a problem that needs to address right now or if you just want an electrician to work on your home or business sometime soon we offer both scheduling opportunities. With our emergency service we will have an electrician at your Covington home or business within the hour no matter the time or day. We understand electrical work can be dangerous and even more so when you don’t fix the problem immediately and that is why we offer 24/7 emergency service. On the other hand if you do not have an emergency needing service you can schedule your appointment with our electricians for the time that is best for you. Whether it is an emergency or simply a job done soon we will make sure an electrician comes right when you want us to no matter what.

Contact us right now and find how what we can do for your home or business in the Covington area. With a friendly support staff helping you make the appointment, and the knowledgeable electricians you will know you made the right choice with AmeriServ.

We offer same day service. Call us today!