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Finding the right electrician for a job is no more fun than doing your taxes, Saturday morning spring cleaning, or waiting in line at the DMV. Of course AmeriServ has made it much easier by recruiting all the best electricians in the Doraville area to service your home and business’s electrical needs. We are proud to say with more than ten years of working in the Doraville, Georgia are we have complied the best of the best who are all fully trained, licensed professionally, and insured for any damages that may occur during a project. In addition, we vet each of our employees to better understand their expertise and that allow us to place the right electrician to the right job. Now you have an expert who is well versed in your electrical issue, thus giving you back your day to do what you like instead of either working on the problem yourself or trying to find a low cost electrician in your area that might know what they are doing.

Once you realize you have an electrical issue ignoring it for another time is the worst thing you can do. In all fairness electrical work is not always at the most convenient time, and sometimes you have problems late in the night or on special days that you would assume can’t be fixed until later. Well at AmeriServ we offer the citizens of Doraville emergency service for this reason. We offer 24 hours a day 7 days a week servicing for emergency services. This means no matter the time we can have an electrician working at your house an hour after the call comes in to us. We don’t want to make you wait while your electrical system is damaging your home or business and that is why we do it. Furthermore, we also offer schedule appointments for jobs that do not require immediate action.  These can include designing options, inspections, general maintenance, and non-dangerous repairs.  Regardless of when you have an issue we can be there for you.

Contact us today and learn about all we can offer while speaking to one of our friendly support staff members. We will make sure everything you need to know is answered and your worries put aside once our professional electricians take care of the work you need done at your Doraville home or business.

We offer same day service. Call us today!