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When Duluth residents are looking for a qualified and reputable electrician company, they know they can call on AmeriServ. Our staff takes care in assessing any and all causes of concern, performing thorough inspections for hidden damages, and finding solutions that are professional and effective. We can provide installation and repair to your home or business lighting arrangements, new wiring, installing electrical appliances, fixing or creating new outlets, and much more. Our professional electricians are well trained and able to fix any problem or create any desire you may have when it comes to your electrical system.
Electrical problems never seem to happen at the best time and that is why limiting our operating hours for you is dangerous and unprofessional. That is why at AmeriServ we can service your Duluth properties with 24 hours a day 7 days a week service. We do this because waiting for some electrical works to be done is outright dangerous and can cause damage to your property or to yourself. If the job is serious we provide emergency services where a technician will be at the problem within the hour of your first call. In addition, if you have a job needed to be done but it is not as serious we also provide scheduled appointments for future dates that best fit your schedule. Either way we are ready to provide Duluth with the best electricians in the area at any time on any day.
Once you realize that you need to hire an electrician the hardest part is to actually find someone who is good enough to fix the issues you may have. This means finding a professional electrician at fair price who is fully licensed, insured, trained, and educated in the task at hand. It also would help to have an electrician with years of experience and a list of references with positive reviews on their work. A person like that seems near impossible to find, but AmeriServ has made it possible by taking all of Duluth’s best electricians and placing them under one roof. Now you simply need to call us and speak with a friendly support staff member who can set you up with the electrician you need. Because at AmeriServ we only hire the best to provide you with the best service available.
Call us today and find out what AmeriServ can do for your Duluth home or business’s electrical needs. We will provide fair prices, and excellent staff of professionals, and with over ten years of experience working in Duluth we can backup our claims with hard work and great results.

We offer same day service. Call us today!