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When dealing with something like electricity in your home or office, you should be aware that DIY jobs can often require specific tools, equipment, techniques and safety precautions in order to be completed without risking injury or further damage to the facility. Most of us simply don’t have the training required to guarantee that the installations and maintenance we perform is going to last and be worth the investment of time and money. For this reason, AmeriServ provides responsive, friendly Gainesville electricians who always know what they’re doing and can give you the licensed and insured work you need.

Light fixture, ceiling and exhaust fan, plug, and light switch installations all seem fairly straight-forward, but the reality is that incorrectly set up systems can create sparks and unreliable connections. These issues can become more severe over time, thus making your DIY project actually cost you more money! AmeriServ’s Gainesville electricians are here to ensure that whatever services you require are delivered by trained specialists who are diligent in their work and serious about their reputations. Every one of our electricians is required to stay on top of their training and have all of the licenses and insurances necessary to keep you safe and content. We work in residential and commercial settings, and on a number of electrical fixtures, appliances, and components. We provide our workers with the best equipment available, because we want to do everything possible to make our repairs and installations are guaranteed for quality.

We also perform in-depth electrical inspections to fully analyze your electrical system inside and out, in order to reveal any present issues or signs of trouble. Routine inspections are an important part of your electrical maintenance plan, and can do wonders for saving you money by preventing more severe damages or failures further down the road. We suggest having an inspection performed on your property whenever you experience symptoms of electrical problems that are persistent or seem to indicate a risk for electrical shock or fire. AmeriServ is a company that is fully qualified to keep you safe and your electrical system working properly.

At AmeriServ, we want to guarantee you as much as we possibly can in terms of customer care. We assure you that there is a live, friendly AmeriServ representative on the line during our normal business hours, so feel free to give us a call and schedule an appointment today!

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