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Home and business electricity can be a temperamental, complicated and dangerous thing. Although we would all like to make the repairs ourselves to save time and money, large projects and tasks requiring specialized knowledge need to be carried out by those who are fully trained in the field and have a reputation for doing quality work. If this sounds like the sort of company you would like to hire, AmeriServ is where your search ends.

Electricity powers so much of your Kingston home that you may be taking it for granted— electric meters, lights, ceiling fans, outlets, smoke detectors, thermostats, security systems, kitchen appliances, entertainment systems, and switches are all able to function thanks to networks of wiring found inside of your walls, ceiling, and potentially your floor as well. Because all of your electrical components are connected in one way or another, one issue can manifest as a few different symptoms.

Whether you are experiencing flickering lights, a breaker that consistently trips, or any other problem, AmeriServ’s Kingston electricians can expertly analyze your home and pinpoint exactly why the malfunction is occurring. Our repairs are effective, lasting solutions that are performed professionally and with local electrical codes in mind. Although our experts put your safety first and always try to find out whether a more serious damage is to blame for your complication, you can rest assured that we never try to make you spend more money than you should. In fact, AmeriServ is known for being able to work well with customers who have limited time and budgets, because we are professionals when it comes to customer service and care. Unlike other electrician companies who may try to take advantage of you, AmeriServ electricians don’t use overly complicated jargon and sales tactics to manipulate you into spending more money. We believe that a satisfied customer is one that will trust a company with their repeat business.

If you are a Kingston resident with a needed electrical repair, upgrade, or installation of any kind, call AmeriServ. We will work with you to find solutions that are reliable, affordable, and 100% insured. Our courteous representatives are at the ready to answer your call and help you schedule an appointment with one of the most skilled and dedicated electricians in the metro Atlanta and north Georgia area. Call now at 678-225-5669 or submit a form through our Contact Us page. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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