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At AmeriServ, we have something for everyone.

Residential repairs and installations are all about making your life easier and your home more comfortable. Have you found that there aren’t enough outlets in some of your rooms? Do you have a ceiling fan that no longer works? Are there dead receptacles or light switches in your home, circuit breakers that keep tripping, or fuses that keep blowing? Do you have a new renovation or addition to your home that needs proper electrical wiring? These are only a few of the many kinds of tasks that our AmeriServ Lawrenceville electricians can tackle head-on and complete in no time! Whether it’s an unexpected issue that just popped up, or a part of a larger home makeover project, our skilled electricians can help detect, diagnose and resolve problems within your electrical system to make your home more functional. We pay special attention to signs that point to more serious (but often less obvious) electrical issues, especially those that could cause shortages, sparks, and excessive heat— all of which can contribute to electrical fire. At AmeriServ, the safety of your family and yourself is extremely important to us, which is why we only use the best quality of products, tools, and equipment when working on your home.

Our commercial electrical repair focuses on functionality from the inside of your business to the perimeter of your property. Our electricians can ensure that all of your appliances are installed and hooked up properly, we can provide reliable solutions for dead circuits, loose connections, overheating outlets and flickering lights, and we can even help you find ways to keep extra money in your pocket thanks to energy-saving products. All of our electricians are properly insured and licensed so that you can feel confident with AmeriServ technicians working on your business’ electrical system. Especially in the case that having electrical repairs is very time-sensitive and critical to the operations of your facility, AmeriServ has found another way to help. We offer 24/7 emergency electrical repairs and maintenance for those instances where you can’t wait any longer than you have to, and that means that you will always have a professional standing by in case you need to make a call. From basic electrical services inside of your business to outdoor solutions like security system installation, parking lot lighting, and commercial sign repair, AmeriServ electricians are exactly what you need to keep business moving.

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