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As our homes become more and more integrated with technology, the electrical systems that power our appliances, entertainment systems, lights, computers and devices is more important than ever to keep well-maintained. At AmeriServ, we believe that the key to successful maintenance lies in routine inspections for commercial facilities, and homeowners that don’t ignore when electrical problems arise in their home. Having a certified Porterdale electrician analyze your property can mean the difference between catching a problem early, before it causes any significant damage, or having to pay for more expensive and potentially hazardous repairs later on.

Flickering lights, popping bulbs, and dead outlets are a few of the most common signs that you need an AmeriServ electrician to visit your home. These problems can be extremely inconvenient, and are often caused by loose connections or broken wires inside of your walls. Breakers that keep tripping is another one of our most frequent service calls, and can mean that the circuit is overloaded and in need of servicing immediately. These are also problems that can potentially lead to a heightened risk of electrical fire— a scary reality that many home and business owners would like to avoid!

At AmeriServ, we take your calls and arrange for an appointment at your earliest convenience. Then we send out a trained professional to your home to perform an initial inspection. This diagnostic process is crucial to finding the right solution to your individual electrical needs. Afterward, our Porterdale electricians will begin working on your home, while remaining quiet and respectful to you and your family, and when in a business setting, your employees as well. At AmeriServ, we strive to be as unobtrusive as possible and work quickly and efficiently so you can get back to normal life. Our team members can perform high quality installations and repairs for most aspects of your home, including outlets, light fixtures, circuits and wiring, and so much more. When you call AmeriServ, you can expect to be met with a trained electrical expert with ample experience under his belt, and a passion for helping people.

If you own a home or business and need repairs that you can count on to solve your problems and eliminate your worries, call AmeriServ today at 678-225-5669. We guarantee that you’ll be put in good hands! Make sure to also ask about our service quotes and our fast, 24/7 emergency and one-hour services.

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