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When you are in need of electrical services you can count on, help is only a phone call away. Unlike other electrician companies, AmeriServ implements high standards when it comes to the the licenses and qualifications of our employees. We want to ensure that, no matter what electrical problem you are encountering, and whether it’s happening in your home or your business, we have a highly-skilled Riverdale electrician at the ready to send to your location.

It can be a hassle to deal with electricians who tend to run late, or completely forget your appointment and don’t warn you about re-scheduling. At AmeriServ, your satisfaction is extremely important to us, which means that being prompt and responsive is a must. Our electricians virtually always arrive on time, and on the off-chance that they are going to be late for any reason, you will receive a phone call as soon as the time management issue becomes apparent. Likewise, when working inside of your home, our electricians won’t smoke cigarettes, make a mess, or have an attitude. AmeriServ focuses on all-around quality of service, which means that you will be visited by a friendly professional who respects you, your family, and your property. Our Riverdale electricians have all been trained, screened, and are licensed and insured to ensure that you are comfortable and safe with our team members working in your home.

A good electrician will arrive at your home and get started on the immediate problem at hand, but a great electrician will do whatever analyzing, diagnosing, and troubleshooting it takes to get an accurate depiction of what exactly is wrong with your electrical system, and whether or not the problem you called in about is actually a symptom for more severe issues. This is exactly what AmeriServ electricians do. The reason for this is because we are dedicated to leaving your home in perfect electrical condition if at all possible, and are focused on delivering on the promise of installments and repairs that will last. Despite this, we also care deeply about sticking to your budget and we avoid pressuring you into any repairs you can’t pay for or don’t want. While AmeriServ electricians want you to be aware of the health of your entire electrical system, we are not looking for sneaky ways to take your money.

There are many components of an electrical system that may need installation, repair, replacements or upgrades: Fans, indoor and outdoor lighting, hidden wiring, outlets, light switches, electrical thermostats, large appliances, fuse boxes, and circuit breaker panels to name a few. No matter the issue, AmeriServ is 100% capable of helping you resolve your electrical problems as quickly as possible, without sacrificing value! Call today to get more information, or to schedule your appointment with AmeriServ, a dedicated leader in the industry.

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