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Electricity is what powers so many aspects of our homes, and keeping up on maintenance can be the key to avoiding larger-scale repairs and replacements in the future. From breakers that keep tripping to lights that keep flickering, AmeriServ knows that these electrical issues can be annoying and can interrupt your daily life— especially if you don’t know what the cause is behind all of your trouble. By calling an AmeriServ Social Circle technician, you can acquire all the help you need in the form of friendly, polite and extensively trained electricians that travel with state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Our electricians are licensed, insured, and familiar with all local electrical codes to make sure that whatever work we do in your home is safe, legal, and reliable. From indoor and outdoor lighting solutions to appliance installation, GFCI and 3-pronged outlets, and services to all of the wiring within your home’s walls, AmeriServ has all the answers!

Other than being inconvenient, electrical problems can also be dangerous. Electrical fires are to blame for thousands of damaged properties a year, as well as many injuries and deaths. Neglecting to recognize the signs of faulty outlets that may emit a burning or electrical odor, outdated appliances that become hot when used, light fixtures that are operating bulbs of excessive wattage, and frayed or damaged cords that can create sparks and hear, can all be cause for an increased risk of fire. At AmeriServ, we encourage routine inspections and preventative maintenance of your electrical system in order to keep you and your family safe at all times.

AmeriServ electricians work meticulously to ensure that all repairs are made appropriately and professionally, and each of our team members will be respectful to your home the entire time they work. This means minimizing any alterations to your home and patching up work areas to look like new, as well as covering items to prevent dust and debris, and completely cleaning up after themselves. Leaving your home as neat as when we arrived is just one way that AmeriServ puts your satisfaction first and shows you that we respect you and your possessions.

Call AmeriServ today and ask about our repair quotes and 24/7, ultra-responsive emergency services. We center out business around the idea of 100% customer satisfaction, and have been doing so for years in metro Atlanta and north Georgia. Don’t hesitate to contact AmeriServ today!

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