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Owning a home or business means owning an entire electrical system made up of a fuse or circuit box that leads to circuits in your home via wires behind your walls and within your ceiling. These circuits power switches and outlets that you use to plug your television, lights, computers, and other important devices. Likewise, your building’s wiring is responsible for powering thermostats, ceiling fans, and large appliances that you use every day. With so much going on, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a lot of factors that could cause malfunction. A loose connection, inadvertent damage, and even improper work done by your previous electrician could be to blame for these problems! Although sometimes the issues are obvious and can be resolved quickly, others take longer to diagnose and require more sophisticated equipment to make substantial repairs that will last.
At AmeriServ, we provide you with the talent and expertise you need in an electrician, so you can receive the best services possible in Temple, Georgia. Every one of our employees has been thoroughly screened and tested, properly licensed and insured, and fully trained to work on a variety of electrical issues. We believe that genuine, high-quality service is no joke, and we are proud to be able to arm our electricians with the best tools and equipment to make all of your needed repairs. Whether you’re looking for professional installations, cost-effective repairs, or routine maintenance and inspections, AmeriServ’s Temple electricians can guarantee your satisfaction. We send our electricians out in fully-stocked vehicles and train them to be courteous and prompt, and ready to answer any of your questions and address any of your concerns.

AmeriServ is a locally operated company that has a focus on providing outstanding work at affordable prices. Our team of electricians have valuable skill-sets and complete training in the field in order to deliver you the best repairs and maintenance around. In the case that you need an electrician to arrive at your home as soon as possible, AmeriServ offers 24/7, responsive emergency services. We believe that the key to customer satisfaction is friendly service, efficient repairs, and consistent value. If you are a Temple resident in need of electrical work, whether you own a residential or commercial property, contact AmeriServ today. Scheduling an appointment is easy, and our live, friendly representative can give you more information on particular services. Make sure to inquire about our one hours services and free quotes!

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