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When it comes to choosing an electrician, you need to set high standards. This means hiring someone who is a licensed professional, who can offer a variety of services in electrical repair and installation, and who is backed by a company that has a reputation for customer service. AmeriServ electricians are top-notch experts who believe that every job should be handled with thought and care. Our electricians treat the people and the homes they visit with courtesy and respect, which is exactly why we’ve become the metro area’s top electrician service.
For over ten years, AmeriServ has been dutifully serving Georgia cities like Winder by providing quality electrical installations, repairs and maintenance at competitive prices. We attribute our success to hard work and solid values, as well as to the loyalty of our customers. At AmeriServ, we believe that a company cannot truly be successful if it isn’t built on honesty, integrity, and quality results.
Homes and businesses today run on electricity. Electricity powers our lights, computers, televisions, and other appliances, and malfunctions or damages can cause a lot of inconvenience. Attempting to repair your electrical equipment or appliances— although tempting— can be a time-consuming, and even dangerous, task if you aren’t fully certified to make the repairs. Unfortunately, amateur repairs can lead to much more expensive needs later on, especially if anything is damaged further during the repair attempt. At AmeriServ, we want to do more than satisfy you— we want to impress you. Our Winder electricians are trained experts that analyze your problems, perform troubleshooting, and openly communicate with you about potential electrical repairs or replacements. We take your time and resources into account and give you the best solutions possible.
Our electrical technicians are capable of handling many types of issues such as home and office wiring repair, the installation of appliances, outlets, dimmers, switches and light fixtures, and much more. Whether you need services that will enable electricity to run to your outdoor shed, or you simply want a few security lights installed outside your door, AmeriServ electricians can give you the quality you deserve at the prices you want. We also offer professional electrical inspections for commercial properties, as well as emergency services for more severe cases. Call AmeriServ today, or schedule your repair on our website, and we’ll have one of our skilled and fully licensed Woodstock electricians at your door in no time at all.

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