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Energy Proof Your Home

Energy Proof Your Home

As many homeowners are aware, heating and cooling your home can be a real strain on your wallet. When it’s freezing outside, you run your heating system constantly to keep comfortable, and in the middle of the summer, you need your air conditioner for much needed relief. Although being able to flip a switch or program a thermometer may be a convenience you never put much thought into, using your heating and cooling system without making smart decisions along the way can be expensive.

To avoid hefty electricity bills, consider the following pieces of advice:

  • Ensure that your home is well insulated. No matter how much you blast your A/C or fire up your furnace, it’s all a big waste if there are spaces for the climate-controlled air to escape through. Caulking around windows and making sure that any leaks in your ductwork is properly sealed with foil tape will make a big difference. If you have an uncovered fireplace, consider installing a glass door for it– air can escape easily up the flue when it’s in use.
  • Maintain all of your heating and cooling equipment so that it’s working to its full potential. Preventative maintenance also helps to extend the life of your system, which means it’s less likely you’ll encounter unexpected problems. Professional inspections and tune-ups are your best bets for understanding if there are any problems in your system, but even just changing the air filters yourself can do a lot of good.
  • Check the ratings of your equipment. Heat pumps have special H.S.P.F. ratings while furnaces have A.F.U.E. ratings. Both of these can give you insight on how energy efficient your heating system is and whether or not you need to consider upgrading.
  • If you have a programmable thermostat, consider setting it so that you save energy during the times of day when no one is at home. Heating or cooling an empty house as you would when you’re present is a waste of energy that can be eliminated easily. Just be sure that in freezing conditions, you don’t let your home’s temperature get too low or you will risk pipes freezing. Also consider the well-being of any pets that stay home while everyone is out!
  • Consider upgrading to Energy Star qualified units. HVAC equipment that is Energy Star rated can cut your bills significantly, especially if your equipment is particularly outdated. Heating and cooling technologies are just becoming more advanced and economical as time goes on!
  • Cleaning your cooling system usually encompasses cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils as well as the blower pieces, and checking the refrigerant. Dirt and debris can cause all sorts of problems, and refrigerant  that is not at a proper level means your compressor won’t be working as well as it should.
  • Rely on companies like AmeriServ to handle any needed repairs. If your heating or cooling system breaks down or is exhibiting worrying symptoms, give our technicians a call immediately. Having repairs made with top-of-the-line equipment by experienced professionals means that your home is being well taken care of. Our team members can also advise you on many more energy-saving tips, so don’t hesitate to call!



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