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Five Tips for Home Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is exactly as it sounds— using light to make a decorative statement in your home. Light can either make a room look great or not-so-great, and depending on the lights you use, the atmosphere you want, and the design you create, it could seem that you are constantly changing the look of your home without moving anything. With several different types of light bulbs, fixtures, and esthetics like dimmer switches, you can color your home with tasteful lighting or harm the home’s interior design with poor lighting. This article’s purpose is to point out a few tips to make your rooms look fantastic.

  1. Accent What You Want Others to See
    Light is all about the visual, and using that to your advantage is rule number one when it comes to making the rooms in your home look attractive. Picking areas on your walls to show off a work of art, or a well placed lamp that will light up a specific area of the room is important. Basically, if you want a particular aspect of your home to stand out from its surroundings, then proper lighting will make sure that happens every time.
  2. Recessed Lighting
    Prominent light fixtures can be stylish, but recessed lighting has become what is popular with most modern homes. The light bulbs are hidden inside the ceiling of a room, which creates a sleek and clean feeling while providing the right amount of light needed in a more spread-out area. If you have a dimmer switch attached to your recessed lighting, you have complete control over the brightness. In addition, if you have the time you can connect certain lights to particular switches to change the feel of the room with a flick of the wrist.
  3. Add Some Color to Your Life
    If you want to accent a particular piece in your room, or something that you want others to see more than the rest, adding a color filter over the light accenting the piece would be a great way to draw attention. This would be particularly nice if you are hosting a viewing party, but may not be the best for everyday use unless you really like that particular color.
  4. Saving on the Electric Bill
    Accent lighting is pinpoint lighting for your home. In other words, you are lighting specific areas instead of the entire area with a higher wattage light bulb. This way, you can sit comfortably in your home using only the light you need and not wastefully encompassing everything else. If you are lighting areas of your home that you aren’t using, then you are spending extra money on your electrical bill. Being picky is actually a good thing in this kind of situation, because now you have the light you need and nothing else, which means cheaper electrical bills for you and energy conservancy for everyone.
  5. Which Light Bulbs to Use
    The most important part of lighting is to know whether you should use LEDs, halogens, CFLs, or incandescent lighting. Incandescent is what you will commonly find in most stores, but they are generally being removed over time to make way for the other three, since they are more energy and cost efficient. These light bulbs all have particular qualities to them that can either benefit you or negatively affect your home’s accent lighting. Discovering your favorite lighting style may reflect the light bulbs you need to use, and because of that trying out different light bulbs maybe your best bet to finding the perfect accent to your lighting needs.

Accent lighting can be tricky at times if you aren’t aware of what to look for. With concerns on placement, wattage, color, and type of light, you may need some professional help to wire the lighting correctly and in the proper place. The electrical technicians of AmeriServ are experts in this field and will design optimal light structures for each of your rooms. This will save you time and money, and the end result is a beautiful home and a comforting atmosphere. You can feel like you’re painting your home with light every time you flip a switch!

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