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Four Reasons Surge Protectors are Important

When it comes to your home and protecting the expensive electronics that you have, one concern you might need to consider is a possible surge of electricity hitting your home and destroying your electronics. This can happen a number of ways, such as a lighting strike during a bad storm, faulty wiring, or an appliance like your refrigerator requiring an extra boost of electricity. Power surges can be quite common, and when they hit, your electronics can suffer damages if you are not protecting them. This is why we are offering the top four reasons why surge protectors are necessary.

  1. Damage to Electrical Devices
    Electronics can be both expensive and fragile. It’s unfortunate that devices we spend so much money on can be so easily ruined, but all we can do is take the proper precautions to avoid such situations. If a power surge strikes your home and the electronics are plugged into the wall, without proper protection you might end up with a lot of broken electronics. In the past, when a storm approached, it was the norm to unplug your computer and TV from the wall to prevent damage. These days, you don’t need to go through that process, because a surge protector can defend your electronics from over powered electrical current.
  2. Risk of Electrical Fire
    Electrical fires can be a big problem, and when you have an older appliance or an overused wall outlet, an electrical fire can be a possible following result. What is great about surge protectors is that newer models have an internal breaker, like the circuit breaker in your home. If a short is detected and sparks begin to fly, that would normally feed an electrical fire, but the breaker in the surge protector will flip and shut off the power before it becomes a hazard. This can happen much faster than with the home breaker you may already have, and can successfully stop the smoke before the fire.
  3. Additional Safe Outlets
    Remember when decorating your home for the holidays meant taking up every wall outlet available and then adding extensions to allow for six or more plugs to use the receptacle? Remember how unsafe that was, because there were no protective measures in place and loading up a wall outlet that should only handle two plugs is now dealing with six or more? Well with a surge protector, you are given a much safer way of using more electrical plugs on a standard wall outlet. Surge protectors usually come with multiple outlets that all run off one wall outlet plug-in. With safety breakers and electrical protection from surges, you won’t have to worry about not having enough plugs again.
  4. Saving on Power
    The great thing about plugging your electronics into one surge protector is you can commoditize what you want constantly working and what you can turn on and off. Most surge protectors have a kill switch on them to allow electricity to flow to the electronics that are plugged into the outlets. Now you can organize the necessary electronics to the not-so-necessary devices and have the ability to stop the usage of electricity when you want to save some money on your utilities.

Surge protectors are almost essential for the modern age with televisions, internet modems, wifi routers, radios, alarm clocks, charging stations for our mobile devices, and so much more constantly plugged into our walls. They protect our house from falling victim to electrical fires, and stop electrical surges from frying the electronics inside if a power surge happens. They provide us with more outlets and save on power by easily allowing us to turn off multiple electronics at once. It is clear that if you want to protect your property and you live with electronic necessities, owning as many surge protectors as possible is the right idea for your home.

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