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Commercial door installation is a service that needs to be done by the professionals. Having a licensed, bonded and insured company send out garage door experts to your location is the best way to minimize the risk of improper installation, and maximize the chances of a high-functioning garage door that suits all of your needs.

Commercial roll-up installation is important because your needs may differ greatly than the needs of others. Commercial garage doors are generally more sturdy and powerful than residential ones, and there are different styles to be considered. The type of industry you specialize in and the amount of space you have to work with are both important factors that AmeriServ technicians always consider when performing this kind of installation. In some instances, doors with energy-efficient insulation are required, and in other situations, the customer may greatly need a door that can endure constant operation without fail.

Commercial garage doors can also be equipped with security features such as over-voltage protection, motion-controlled lighting, timed operations, and alarm systems. AmeriServ technicians are well-educated about various makes and models of commercial garage doors on the market, and can advise you on doors that can best fit your needs and your budget. Our specialists can even install customized doors with no trouble at all, and only do so using the best tools and equipment.

There are four types of common garage doors that are utilized in commercial use. The first are rolling doors, which are perfect for limited spaces and provide a significant amount of security. Fire doors are built similarly to rolling doors, but are specialized doors that can electronically connect to fire alarm systems inside of the building. The third type of door is the sectional door, which comes in more varieties than the other options, and windows are often includes among the panels. Traffic doors are the fourth type of commercial garage door, and are made of PVC or Polyurethane. These doors are great for high-traffic areas, but are intended for locations where security is not a major concern. All of these types of doors can be installed by an AmeriServ technician at your place of business. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need some expert advice in making the decision, we’re there to guarantee that the garage door we install on your property is the best choice for you.

At AmeriServ, your satisfaction is our main motivation. We can provide you with the fast and seamless installation of doors of all materials and styles, as well as fire-rated garage doors and ribbed, embossed or otherwise highly personalized solutions. Your business is important to you, and you are important to us— that’s why we never provide anything less than genuinely professional installations so that you can have the high-performance garage door you require.

If you’re interested in commercial installation or visiting our garage door showroom, contact AmeriServ today. Our team members provide expert customer service and can even teach you about our emergency and same day services.

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