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Garage Door Opener Types and Features

As with any other purchase of equipment that's going to be used daily in your home, choosing a garage door opener means investing some thought and research into making an informed decision. When you have a functional garage door opener, it means that you won't have to do any bending and heavy lifting every time you open your garage. There are a lot of different types of openers on the market right now, and that can seem a little overwhelming when you're trying to narrow down the list. Below are five tips to help you find exactly the garage door opener with the capabilities you need.

  1. Consider How Much Power You Need Garage door openers come in 1/3, 1/2 and 3/4 horsepower. The strength of your opener is going to be based on what kind of door you have— whether it is made out of a heavy or light material, whether you have one or two doors, and the size of your door.
  2. Decide on a Type of Drive System Belt drive: This drive operates using a sturdy belt to raise and lower the door. The quietest of the three, belt drives are recommended for garages near bedrooms and living rooms. The downside is that these openers tend to be the most expensive. Chain drive: A chain attached to a metal trolley opens and closes the door. These are a bit noisier than belt drives, but this opener is very reliable and more affordable than the others. Screw drive: The low-maintenance mechanics of this drive operate on a threaded rod, and when kept properly lubricated, these openers aren't very noisy at all.
  3. Take Ease of Use into Consideration A garage door opener may sound like a simple contraption, but some are much more complicated than others and can be more difficult to maintain. Do a little research to see what other people are saying about their garage door openers, and narrow down your scope of potential winners.
  4. Look into Special Features and Safety Battery backup, force guard control, and extra lights are just a few of many special features that you can choose to have in a garage door opener. You can even choose to have a unit with a motor that runs on DC current instead of AC, in order to make operation quieter.
  5. Choose a Reliable Manufacturer Your garage door is a huge piece of equipment made up of heavy materials that need to be routinely opened and closed. For these reasons, it's important to choose garage door equipment from reliable manufacturers who have made a name for themselves by producing quality garage door openers. Craftsman, LiftMaster, Genie and Linear are a few of the top brands out there that people trust.

If you need any assistance in choosing a garage door opener, you can always contact a professional garage door technician or visit a local home improvement store and speak with employees familiar with garage doors for more help. Installing the opener can be a DIY task if you are familiar with home improvement related installations, but if you have any doubts in your abilities, it's best to contact the professionals. Incorrectly installing a garage door opener could result in a malfunctioning door, which could mean damage to your garage system, your vehicles and your possessions, as well as injury to your family members or pets. These hazards are certainly not worth the risk of performing a DIY project if you aren't sure of your abilities! Garage door openers are convenient machines that go hand in hand with quality garage doors. When dealing with garage doors, always make safety a top priority; make sure that both your door and opener are subjected to annual inspections by a company of licensed technicians. These inspections will help to reduce the risk of experiencing unexpected garage door failure or breakdowns that can be inconvenient and hard on your wallet!

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