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Heating and Air Frequently Asked Questions

What HVAC Systems Do You Cover?

Our HVAC experts cover a range of heating and cooling systems such as furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, air handlers, all in one package units, ductless mini split systems, packaged terminal air conditioner units, and indoor air quality systems such as filtration, purification, humidification, and dehumidification.


What Kinds of Problems Can You Solve?

When it comes to climate control in your home or office AmeriServ’s HVAC technicians can handle just about any problem you are experiencing. Our most common service calls are about:

  • The air conditioning system not working
  • The heating system not working
  • System replacement options

We can also install and repair compressors, fans, duct work, thermostats and meters, and provide air balancing and programming for HVAC controls. Diagnosing problems in your system and testing for leaks are also services that AmeriServ HVAC technicians often provide in a prompt and efficient manner.


Why Should I Choose AmeriServ HVAC Technicians?

Indoor climate and air quality makes all the difference when it comes to comfort within a home or office, and can even effect your mood and productivity. No one wants a freezing home in the winter or a scorching office during the summer, and that’s exactly why AmeriServ HVAC technicians do what they do.

Whether you need repairs to broken-down equipment, patches or replacements for leaking ducts, or are interested in a completely new system replacement for your location, AmeriServ HVAC experts have the skills and knowledge necessary to get your living or working space back to the perfect climate.

Any technician sent to you is guaranteed to be a licensed, qualified AmeriServ HVAC professional. You will be met with a team member that is focused on your individual experience with our company, and always has your best interests in mind. If there’s a problem with your HVAC system, call AmeriServ today!


How Can I Contact AmeriServ Heating and Air?
If you’re interested in a quality HVAC company that’s been servicing Georgia residents for years, call us now at 678-225-5669 or visit our Contact Page to submit your questions or comments!

We offer same day service. Call us today!