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Whether your heating or cooling system, thermostat, air filtration, purification, or de/humidifier system needs to be repaired or replaced, AmeriServ is the only company with the reputation and track record to be trusted for the job. We service families and business owners all across Oxford, Georgia and have been doing so for years all over the metro Atlanta area. You can schedule an appointment with us at any time, and keep in mind that AmeriServ is a 24/7 business with emergency hours to dedicate to making your home comfortable once more!

Finding the right HVAC technician is never a fun or easy task and that means when something is wrong or your system just needs to be looked at the dreaded search for the best professional at the best price is going to eat away at more important things. Well at AmeriServ we have taken that away from you and hired on the best and well trained technicians to work on any HVAC issue you may have and with an AmeriServ guarantee and competitive market pricing we have created a one stop shop for HVAC technicians. Now when you decided it is time to hire a professional technician from AmeriServ is it safe to assume you want to know what you are getting, and why we are the best in the Oxford area. Well each of our technicians are vetted by the company to make sure they are fully trained, licensed, and insured to work on your project. Furthermore, we personally vet each of our employees on their experience and determine what their strengths and weaknesses are so we can send the best technician for your specific job. At AmeriServ we care about the quality of work we offer to your home and business and that starts with the quality of the technicians.

We provide you with numerous options when it comes to your HVAC system including repairs, replacements, installations, inspections, general maintenance, and annually scheduled maintenance, which is available for annual reminders when it is time again for another inspection and servicing. We provide any type of work you need with your HVACV service and a simple call to us will set the ball rolling for one of our professional technicians to visit your Oxford home or business and let you breathe easy again.

We offer same day service. Call us today!