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Residential and Commercial Installation

When looking for an Atlanta HVAC technician, you need to consider if the company you call on is qualified for the job. At AmeriServ, our technicians are familiar with both residential and commercial HVAC systems and can install any type of new units or components from virtually any manufacturer, including:

  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • Lennox
  • Goodman
  • Frigidaire, and more.

Whether you require installation of a reliable and user-friendly system for your new home, or you need a replacement HVAC system to control the climate of your office building, restaurant, or retail outlet, AmeriServ can help. Messy, improper installation is a major cause of premature HVAC failure. This means that the first step for ensuring a long life for your heating or cooling system is to begin with certified installation services. We can even help you upgrade your existing HVAC system to Energy Star certified equipment that will keep you comfortable while saving energy.


HVAC Repair

At AmeriServ of Atlanta, we provide HVAC repair services for:

  • Central cooling systems

    Comprised of two packaged units, a central cooling system is quiet and reliable. They are often found in commercial buildings or homes in hot climates and can regulate the temperature of a large space well.

  • Split/ductless air conditioners

    As the name suggests, ductless air conditioners do not rely on duct passages to transport air. They are versatile systems that are comprised of an outdoor and indoor unit, and are great for targeting individual rooms.

  • Furnaces

    The most popular types of heating units on the market, furnaces are often compatible with central A/C systems and rely on ducts to transfer heat. They are effective in both mild and more intense cold climates.

  • Heat pumps

    Heat pumps use the air outside of your home to heat your rooms. For locations with mild winter climates, heat pumps make a great energy-saving HVAC solution— but in areas where it’s often below freezing, an extra heating unit may need to be installed.

  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

    Devices that regulate the amount of moisture in the air in order to keep your home or commercial facility comfortable. Increasing the moisture of an area can help with those suffering from dry skin and nasal passages, while decreasing the moisture can help eliminate mildew and allergens and help with clear breathing.


More specifically, our team can tackle and damages or malfunctions effecting your system’s compressor, condenser, fans, coils, duct work, thermostat, filters, and more. Whatever aspect is causing the problem, the part can either be repaired or replaced by our heating and air professionals.


HVAC Maintenance

One way to keep your heating and air system in top shape is to have regular maintenance performed. At AmeriServ, we can help you schedule HVAC inspections or maintenance visits for your commercial or residential system and provide cleaning and repair services as needed so that you don’t encounter full-blown HVAC failure. Being caught off guard in the middle of the summer or winter in Atlanta without proper climate control is one problem that no home or business owner wants to face, and the cost for replacing an entire unit is much more than it is to keep up on preventative maintenance practices.

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