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Maintaining the HVAC system in your Marietta home or commercial facility means being able to recognize the signs of trouble and act accordingly. It’s important that you inspect your heating and air units regularly and be on the look out for symptoms of damage or malfunction. The following steps can help you to learn about what is normal and what is not when it comes to your indoor heating and air:

  • Check your home’s thermostat and ensure that when changing the temperature, your HVAC system reacts as intended
  • Listen for unusual sounds when the heating system or air conditioning is running
  • Ensure that the air conditioner’s condensate drain (located near the condenser) is clear and free of debris
  • Check the airflow in each room and observe whether each one achieves the desired temperature after your HVAC system is running
  • Flip your heating and cooling system’s circuit breakers to the off position and check all of the components for loose connections or damaged wires.
  • Pay attention to your electric bills and look out for unexplained spikes
  • Check your home’s air filters
  • Inspect your coils and ducts for damage or build up


In the case that you have leaks, clogs, uneven airflow, or a heating/cooling system that isn’t working as it should, contact a professional immediately. HVAC problems won’t go away on their own, and can actually cause more damage if left neglected. Some of the most common heating and air problems that Marietta home and business owners encounter are:

  • Air conditioning blowing hot air
  • Leaky indoor coils
  • Blown fuses or tripped breakers connected to your HVAC system
  • A noisy unit or vents that produce a lot of sound
  • Flooded condensate lines
  • Outdoor unit that won’t run when turned on


The solutions to these kinds of problems can be simple or very complex, and can range from compressor problems, faulty valves, and refrigerant issues to undersized ductwork, various types of blockages, or broken fans. When your heating or cooling system is at risk it’s important to contact certified Marietta HVAC technicians, as some repairs are too much to handle for the average homeowner.

With so many parts and pieces making up a functional HVAC system, it’s no wonder why only so much DIY work can be expected to solve the problem. At AmeriServ, we can supply you with the repairs and replacements you need to get your heating system blowing hot, your air conditioner blowing cold, and your thermostat perfectly controlling every degree. With our intensive HVAC inspections, we can guarantee the diagnosis of any underlying problems and find solutions that work within your budget. We can even help upgrade your home or office air solutions into a highly efficient, money-saving system that you can rely on any time of year, or help you find humidity solutions to keep your living and working spaces as comfortable as possible.┬áCall AmeriServ today to learn more about HVAC installation and repair in Marietta.

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