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How to Hide Audio and Video Cables in Your Home

As time goes on, more and more electronics are being made that enhance how we experience personal entertainment in our homes. For example, installing surround sound speakers is an especially popular endeavor that many people take on in order to have an optimal experience when using their televisions and game systems.
When you are adding speakers, a DVR system, extra receivers, and more to your living room’s entertainment system, things can get cluttered quickly. The result of so many extra electronic components can be an unattractive and a tangled mess of wires. For this reason, many homeowners are looking for ways to conceal cables and keep their rooms looking neat and modern.

  1. Choosing Wireless Products
    Before you go out and buy more components and features for the electronics you already have, consider purchasing wireless options first. Although products like wireless speakers and transmitters can be significantly more expensive than their wired counterparts, many homeowners might find it is a great relief to avoid having to deal with the task of organizing and hiding cables altogether. This is especially the case if the nature of your home’s structure makes it difficult to adhere to the other suggestions provided in this article.
  2. Hiding the Cables with Carpeting or Rugs
    Concealing wires with an area rug is a great way to make your living room more organized and tangle-free. A thick or plush rug with patterns can distract from any sign of a wire running underneath.
    If you are planning on getting new carpet installed anytime soon, simply put the wires into place before the padding goes down and secure them with tape. There are many brands of flat wires available for electronic connections that run underneath carpets and rugs, which help to eliminate a visible bump in the floor covering.
  3. Purchasing Products Especially for Concealment
    Cable raceways (often referred to as the brand name Wiremold) are a type of conduit that many people use to run their cables from devices to outlets. These products are essentially plastic covers that snap around your cables and enable them to run in straight lines across your walls, achieving a more organized look. They can also be painted, and come in a variety of colors to match that of your wall. Cable clips, sleeving, looms and trays are other products that can help you better organize your wiring and make them less distracting to behold. A trip to your local home improvement or electronics store can give you an idea of what you will be capable of achieving through concealment devices.
  4. Taking on a New Home Improvement Project
    The most effective way to make your wires invisible is to run them behind your walls. Unfortunately, this may not be an easy task depending on the construction of your home, and may take a professional electrician’s handiwork. That being said, a homeowner armed with prior knowledge of wiring and construction, and equipped with the right tools, could certainly take on the project successfully. In order to run cables behind the wall, a homeowner would have to fish them through the wall cavity from the location of the speaker, using the open space from your attic or basement. Unfortunately, unseen barriers and inaccessible spaces could be encountered while attempting the project, which could mean an investment of even more of your time and effort.
    Note: Homeowners considering this project should also keep in mind that installing the wires behind baseboard trim is also an option, and may even be easier in some houses.

At the end of the day, the route you should take to conceal the cables of your electronics depends largely on the amount of knowledge you have of your home and how much effort you’re willing to put into the project. While the easiest solutions can prevent dangling wires and frustrating tangles, they can still be visible to guests visiting your home, and while running wires behind your walls seems like the perfect solution, it can be a difficult task for those who are ill-prepared.
The best home improvement solution is one where a homeowner can find a balance between what they want and what they can reasonably achieve. As always, when in doubt a homeowner should contact a professional electrician for more help.

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