Why You Should Hire an Expert to Repair Your Garage Door

December 29th, 2017


Whether you're a seasoned DIY'er, a new homeowner or simply someone who likes to take on new projects, you might be tempted to tackle a garage door repair on your own. After all, how complicated can a regular old garage door be, right?

The fact is that garage doors are a lot heavier, more complicated, and frankly, more dangerous than they might seem at first glance. Before you break out your tool box to try to fix your own garage door, take a moment to review the reasons why you'll want to re-consider whether DIY garage door repair is really worth the risk.

Safety Concerns

It can sometimes be hard to understand the fact that common, everyday items like garage doors can be hazardous, but the fact is that you can seriously hurt yourself by trying to fix your own garage door.

To start with, garage doors are made up of very sharp metal parts that can leave you with a nasty gash, metal slivers or worse. The actual components of your garage door and its tracks are surprisingly heavy, especially if you have an insulated garage door. The cables that lift and lower your door are held under a massive amount of tension by the springs, which means if those springs suddenly let go, or the cable snaps, you could suffer a catastrophic, life-changing injury or worse.

That is in addition to the inherent dangers that come with working on a ladder. Unless you happen to be exceptionally tall (and your garage ceiling is quite short), you'll need to stand on a step ladder to access the garage door tracks, springs, cables, and opener.

Additional Damages

While at first glance you might think you can trouble-shoot your garage door by simply loosening a bolt here and there, there's a really good chance that your good intentions will wind up making the problem even worse. Since you are not trained in garage door repair and are not familiar with the various materials, components and techniques, you could be working on the wrong part or working on it incorrectly, causing more harm than good. 

Remember, your garage is where you keep your vehicle, store your kid's bikes, and maybe even spend time watching Sunday afternoon football - do you really want to risk doing something that could cause your garage door track to come crashing down at any moment?

Repairing vs Replacing

There's dozens of different garage door manufacturers which produce countless models of tracks, openers, and doors, which means that even if you've found a great repair video online, chances are the information won't be right for your specific make and model.

In fact, you could waste your entire weekend trying to complete a repair on your garage door when what you really need is a replacement door. The only way to really know for sure if your garage door needs to be repaired or replaced is by contacting a professional garage door repair expert.

Better Leave it to the Professionals

Once you add up all the safety issues, high potential of causing serious property damage, and the chances that you'll have to call a garage door repair company despite your best efforts, it's clear that the best solution is to start by hiring a garage door repair expert. At the first sign of trouble with your garage door, opener or track, do not attempt to fix the problem yourself – choose one of the many professionals in your area to come help.

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