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Home HVAC Checklist

Keeping a well-maintained HVAC system is a top priority if you want to be comfortable, save money on your utility bills, and keep from shelling out even more money for expensive repairs and replacements. Just like anything else in your home, maintenance can time some work, but with a checklist you can organize this work clearly. Being able to organize the tasks that need to be accomplished can make the whole process a lot easier.

  1. Buying a high efficiency air filter and replacing it on either a one-month or three-month rotation is mandatory in order to have clear, allergen-free air. Having clean air filters also means less work on your furnace and air conditioning unit.
  2. Make sure nothing is building up around the exterior heat pump or the air conditioning unit. This would include weeds, dirt, sticks, or any plants around your air conditioning unit. Such obstructions can lead to plants binding with the units and breaking small pieces or inhibiting either machine from working properly.
  3. Keep the air ducts clean of dirt, debris, and moisture in the homes and vacuum up dust that accumulates on the air vents. Any allergens can sneak their way into the air ducts, and keeping them clean will keep your family and you healthy.
  4. When doing lawn work, make sure waste (leaves, sticks, grass clippings) is kept out of the interior of the exterior HVAC units.
  5. Sealing up cracks in the air ducts and insulating them is ideal to keep any hot or cold air from leaking into areas you don’t want them to, like the attic or crawlspace.
  6. Have a monthly inspection of the refrigerant in the air conditioning unit and recharge when it becomes necessary.
  7. Make sure all HVAC units are on a firm and level ground and anchored well if they need to be.
  8. Test the carbon monoxide and the smoke detector on a weekly basis and replace the batteries annually, even if they still seem to be working fine after a year.
  9. Clean the condensation drain on the air conditioning unit once every six months with a bleach and water mixture to keep it from clogging up.
  10. If you own a humidifier, be sure to turn the water off to the device in the summer and turn the water back on during the fall.
  11. Update your temperature control panel to a digital panel, as they are more accurate and will save you more money on utility costs.
  12. Upgrade your older furnace and air conditioning unit with a new energy saving model. It may be a bit more expensive upfront, but you will see the savings monthly with a reduced heating and air bill.
  13. If you are concerned of a gas leak from your furnace, turn the gas off immediately, safely ventilate the room, and call a professional.
  14. Installation of a new HVAC system or unit in your home can be difficult and if you do not possess the knowledge and experience to install such a thing, have a professional do the complicated work for you.
  15. Always have annual inspections on your HVAC system done by a professional to replace parts that need to be switched out, and make sure you have a proper working HVAC system in your home.

Knowing what you need to do with your HVAC system is important, and checking off each of these steps will help you breathe easy and provide a safe environment for your family. If you need these services done but simply do not have the time or energy to do so, then an HVAC professional can provide you with the help you need. Whether you check everything off yourself, have a professional do it for you, or share the load together, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe for the years to come.

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