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Custom lighting in a home is a design choice that is comparable to hanging a picture or placing a decorate throw rug. The light bulbs in your home can determine if a room feels cold and drab or bright and warm. It depends a great deal upon what kind of lights you are using, where you place your lights, and the specs of the light bulbs. Once you have the lighting in your home chosen and installed, it will be like living in a brand new house!

 What to Consider

When it comes to lighting your home, the first option to consider is what kind of light bulbs you should be using. Most people may just use the standard incandescent light bulb that has been around for years, but if you are looking to save some extra money on your electric bill and use a bulb with a more green future, you might want to consider Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFLs) bulbs. These light bulbs have come into recent popularity since 2007 when the Energy Independence and Security Act went into effect, making all light bulbs more energy efficient by 70 percent. In addition to that, these light bulbs use 75 percent less energy than the traditional light bulb, which means they are much cooler and they last about ten times longer.

The downside to CFLs is that they still contain mercury within the bulb; the good news is that it contains the amount of mercury that the tip of a ball point pen can hold. This is compared to a standard incandescent bulb emitting four to five times that amount when turned on. So the CFLs have greatly improved the quality of the product for the consumer as well as the benefits to the environment. Once your CFLs burn out you can take them to your corporate home improvement store and they will recycle your intact bulbs at no cost to you.

Once you have chosen the bulbs, it’s time to decide on the wattage you need, as well as the placement of your lighting fixtures. The wattage is mostly determined by the fixtures that you own, but you can use a bulb that is less than the wattage your fixture suggests. You never want to do more, because the bulb may produce extra heat and can be a fire hazard.

Wattage can cause a bit of confusion, because most people think wattage describes how bright a bulb is, but in reality the wattage just informs you on how much energy you will be using. Different types of light bulbs can have the same wattage, but produce a different amount of brightness for your home. There are now indicators on the box of light bulbs you wish to buy letting you know how bright these bulbs will be, as well as energy cost, amount of mercury, and life expectancy.

Determining the Location of Installment

Now that you have found the perfect light bulbs for your home, it’s time to decide the best place to install your fixtures. Each room in your home is used in a different way and lighting according to your needs is important. You should consider if you will need light for close-up activities such as reading, paper work, or personal care. On the other hand, you might need wide light for living room spaces, cooking in your kitchen, eating at the dinner table or simply entertaining others on your lawn outside.

We live in a day and age where there is a massive variety of styles for lighting installation. For example, you can choose recessed lighting, which are minimalist and modern overhead lights that are great for any type of room, or kitchen island lights that hang over your counter-tops in order to give you a bright and clear space to cook. Likewise, there are specialty switches available such as dimmers that will give you full control of the brightness of your lights at all times.

Once you know how energy efficient you wish to be with your lighting, what to expect from your light bulbs, and where you need to place them, you can create a house that is pleasant to live in and will make a unique and inviting impression on guests. Good lighting can make all the difference when it comes to how comfortable a home is, and professional electricians are definitely the best choice for flawless lighting installment.

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