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How To Make Your Hot Water Heater More Efficient

Atlanta Home Hot Water Heater Efficiency Tips 

It may come as a surprise that up to twenty percent of your monthly water bill can be attributed to you hot water heater. Saving money every month requires that you know how to use your hot water heater in a more efficient manner. There are ways to tame the money grubbing beast that is your water heater to ensure that you are paying the absolute minimum each month. There are two major ways that you can cut down on costs when it comes to your tank. The first is to lower the temperature of the heater and the second may sound obvious, but it is to simply use less. Both of these things can be easily accomplished with just a few minor changes around your home.

Lower your water temperature

Fun fact: for every ten degrees, you lower the temperature, you could save yourself up to five percent on your next bill! Lowering the temperature by ten degrees may have a great impact on your next bill, but the change in the shower will most likely be negligible.

Less is more!

Many homes unknowingly use their water heater too much in situations that rarely cross their minds. For example, when doing laundry the hot water setting could be turned up too high. People often times wash their clothes at a higher temperature than necessary, and this is expensive! Clean clothes can be achieved by using cold water, and can actually preserve the vibrancy of your clothes. In addition, it will save you heaps on your monthly electricity bill.

Other ways to reduce your bill is to take showers instead of baths. The cost to heat the water for a bathtub is significantly more expensive than the cost of water to heat a shower. On average, people do not stay in the shower for more than fifteen minutes, meaning a smaller amount of water will be used in comparison to a long a luxurious bath. This isn’t to say that the occasional relaxing bath is out of order, however! To further reduce the costs associated with showering, you can purchase a low flow showerhead. This reduces the amount of water used even more, saving you even more.

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