How To Save On Your Energy Bill

August 13th, 2013

Whether it’s a savage summer or the whitest winter, your heating and air conditioning systems will account for a pretty large portion of your home’s energy costs. However harsh the season, know that there are things that you can do to avoid being at the mercy of high energy costs.


Your Central Heating and Air

The device that causes the biggest impact is usually the central heating and air system. The cost of your system can be offset if you are smart about your choice. Choose a system that will save you more money on your bills over the years than you spent on the system itself. This is a quality that companies will usually advertise proudly through use of an Energy Star sticker. These systems are the ones that can save you money! With a running start on savings, you can confidently participate in the following wallet-friendly exercises.


The Humidity In Your Home

Having an idea of where your thermostat will lie this season will make all the difference. Ideally, it should stay as low as it can be set without having to sacrifice comfort. A large factor that plays into that very comfort is the humidity level in your home. A more humid home will retain more heat, whereas a dehumidified home will stay cooler. An investment in a humidifier/dehumidifier combo can work to maintain such a level of comfort without touching the thermostat.


Other Things To Consider

There is much more useful information out there that can spare your bank account! The positioning of your conditioning appliances and their neighbors can make a huge difference as well. Be sure that they are not blocked by furniture or curtains; blockage makes the system work harder for the same effectiveness! More work equals more energy, and a heavier bill. You can also intentionally block off a room by closing the door, this keeps the conditioned air within that room. Alternatively, you may close rooms and turn off their conditioning to give priority to conditioning the other portions of the house.


Keep Your Cooling System in Check

Maintain your system. Cleanliness of a central heating and air system will make a huge impact on efficiency and costs. Naturally, a dirty air filter will not pass as much air; it will also allow allergens and debris into your home’s air. Manually cleaning the vents inside of your home can also help with this.
Closely consider where you have your system installed because, believe it or not, the final resting spot of your system as a direct affect on your bills. Having a system installed underneath the shade of trees will allow it to spend less energy maintaining its own temperature, and more on conditioning your home.

Many of these tips seem easy enough to follow, but that does not mean the system will work perfectly all the time. An annual checkup of your whole system by reliable HVAC professionals is highly recommended, as some issues happen to lie outside of our control. (Regardless of how well we keep up with these practices.) Ultimately, you have far more power over your energy usage and billing than you think!