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What Lighting is Perfect for your Atlanta Home?

As a homeowner, you may find that you have several options for home lighting. The process can seem overwhelming, as it’s an often overlooked part of your home. A sign of good lighting is that you don’t really notice it at all. The room seems natural and comfortable, and things just seem right. The problem arises when you are actually aware of what the lighting is doing to the room, and it creates an annoyance. Lighting not only serves functional purposes such as being able to see better in your home and completing tasks once the sun goes down, but lighting serves aesthetic purposes as well. Lighting can play a key part in mood and give your home an entirely different look and feel to it. If you feel like your home doesn’t have lighting that meets your standards, it may be time to revamp your lighting by going through these 5 tips below.

  • Make a list of lighting goals you want to accomplish: if you are more focused on lighting as a means of getting work done, this is called direct or task lighting. Lighting for ambiance or indirect lighting means just lighting a certain space for the way it looks. Once you’ve decided which you are trying to accomplish, you can begin reviewing all the options for lighting. Each room needs both mood and function, both of which lighting can accomplish.
  • Use lighting for safety and security: The outside of your house such as walkways, patios, and the perimeter should be lit up with ambient lighting. While trespassers and burglars feel more drawn to a dimly lit home, too bright of lighting can bother your neighbors. It is important to find a happy medium between the two to keep your home safe.
  • Use exterior wall sconces: While outdoor lighting is great for practical tasks such as home safety and extending the length of time you can spend outside, lighting can also be used for decor. These sconces can focus on the architectural beauty of your home and create a great ambiance.
  • Use multiple light sources in one interior space: In the kitchen, bedrooms, and living rooms, having more than one light source will aid in achieving a plethora of activities in that space. Under counter lights can provide great task lighting, and floor lamps are both functional and decorative.
  • A good chandelier can make all the difference: In formal living areas and dining rooms, choosing a chandelier that is not dated will make all the difference. Chandelier come in all shapes and sizes, varying from simple to ornate. Make sure to measure out your space before making your choice. 

For ideas about lighting read some home decorating magazines, lighting stores, and catalogs. It really adds so much functionality and value to your home, and can create a positive and peaceful environment.

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