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Mood Lighting:  How It Works

We have all heard the phrase “mood lighting” before, but do lights really play an actual role in our mood? According to many studies including one done by the Mayo Clinic, it most certainly does.

Both the intensity and quality the lights can greatly impact not only a person’s psychological well-being but their physiological well-being. Things like this can affect your mood on a daily basis, and can really change your quality of life. According to The Mayo Clinic, a lack of quality lighting can lead a person to be depressed. The science behind this explains that this phenomenon is that light deprivation can cause a lack of melatonin in our body, which leads to physiological problems. Exposing a person to a lot of light can correct these chemical imbalances and has also proven to be an effective alternative therapy.

This is so well documented and commonly accepted that many stores and places of business are consulting the experts about how their lighting impacts their consumers. Lighting is both an art and science, and strategic lighting can change how a consumer perceives a space. Lighting is there for health, safety, and pleasure. The same practices can be applied in your home, and how guests perceive your living space. Not to mention the overall mood of your entire family, as they are the ones spending most of their time there.

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America lists some commonly accepted beliefs when it comes to how to light an area to make it more pleasing to people. Here are some things to consider when planning lighting for your home:

  • People are naturally attracted to light. Lighting is necessary for safety, and a well lit room will create this feeling of comfort.
  • Brightness makes focus fall on an object or area, such as a part of your home that you’re proud of.
  • Wall lighting creates a more pleasant atmosphere than overhead lighting.
  • Dim lighting is great for a room where relaxation is a main goal. Lamps with shades often accomplish this.
  • Homes need a combination light sources. Having overhead, ambient, and task lighting can help to have a productive and relaxing home.
  • Lights should be strategically placed at different heights in a room for both illumination and to pique visual interest.
  • For mood boosting light, look into full spectrum light bulbs that copy outdoor natural lighting.
  • During the day, make full use of natural light. Keep curtains and blinds open, because nothing can beat authentic light!

Lighting can make people feel full of energy, so make sure to dim down lights as your prepare for sleep. Lighting can really change things, so if you feel like something is off in your home it may be time for a lighting overhaul. 

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