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Saving Energy While Cooling Your Home

Save Energy While Cooling Your Home

The Georgian summers may be here to stay, but AmeriServ is always discovering easy solutions for you to save energy and the environment, while staying cool. Here are some easy ways to reduce energy consumption on your heating, air-conditioning, HVAC and electrical usage.

  1. Insulation is fundamental. The most sophisticated heating or cooling system is wasted,  if your home is not properly insulated. Before investing on an expensive heating, cooling,  and ventilation system, contact AmeriServ to determine the insulation needs of your residential and commercial spaces.  We can help you cut energy consumption, cheaply and simply, by putting in place effective insulation solutions for your lofts, windows, and external or internal doors. By efficiently screening your home from direct sunlight and draft-proofing your windows, you can dramatically reduce energy consumption.
  2. Research Before Purchasing Appliances. Older refrigerators, washing machines and electric heating systems or cooling systems consume excessive amounts of energy. Timely electrical repair and maintenance may reduce wastage. But if your appliances are too old, it may be cheaper to upgrade. When making your purchasing decisions, look out for the Energy Star Label or learn how much energy appliances consume from their Energy Guide Label. While more expensive, newer appliances that run on natural gas, rather than electricity, can help you save more in the long term. When choosing your appliance, size matters.  An oversized air-conditioning system in a small room does not only waste energy; it may not perform as well as one designed for small spaces. Finally, bulbs are an often overlooked cost-saving factor but replacing them with energy efficient bulbs can make a huge difference on your energy bill.
  3. Control Your Energy Consumption. Turning off appliances and lights when you are not using them is a tried and tested way of conserving energy. Educating your family about reducing power consumption, getting the kids to turn off the lights when they are not in the room and close the refrigerator door are just some of the easiest ways to start. While a difficult habit to acquire at first, installing a thermostat to an electrical appliance can help ease you and your family into a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.


While these are the three most effective ways of conserving energy, there is still much that can be done to reduce wastage and energy costs. At AmeriServ, we are always looking for new ways to invest in a sustainable future.

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