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Symptoms of a Broken Heating System

How to Spot the Five Most Common Heating Repair Problems
When the heating in your home is not working the way you want it to during the colder months, it can be frustrating to say the least. Fixing the problem is always at the forefront of your mind because you are not comfortable in your own home, but not being aware of what the problem is can become a real issue. That is why understanding the troubles you are facing based on the symptoms of the issue is key to treating the problem correctly and in a timely manner. That is why this article will provide you with common issues with your furnace and what they generally mean as a result.

  1. Irregular Temperature Controls
    Before we crawl under the house or in a dark corner of the basement to get to your furnace, note that one of the most common fixes for your heating system deals with the thermostat. Determining if your thermostat is faulty is done by observing if your common heating schedule is constantly changing, if the air changes from hot to cool at times, or if it turns on and off without your consent. You may also notice the fans not working to push the hot air out into the home, or simply no hot air coming out of the ducts. If your heating system is unresponsive and will not act as you set it then you might have a thermostat issue.
  2. No Air Flow
    If the air is simply not flowing out of the air ducts, but you can still observe the furnace working, then you might have an issue with smaller parts. Given the fact that fans push the hot air around your home you could have a broken fan motor, snapped belts, or broken bearings that hinder the flow of your warm air.
  3. No Hot Air
    If your home is blowing air out of the air ducts, but is no longer blowing hot air, then you might have a pilot light issue. Once you can feel the air is no longer warm, go check your furnace to see if the pilot light is out or not. Most furnaces use an intermittent pilot system that sparks the pilot light on, and if this is not creating the light then this is most likely your issue.
  4. An Overheating Furnace and Dirty Air Ducts
    This is by far the most common problem and the simplest to fix when it comes to keeping your furnace working properly. If the air filter is not changed on a monthly basis, dirt and debris will build up and cause air flow to be restricted. The furnace will then have to work harder to produce the right temperature you set on your thermostat. Thus the furnace may overheat and it will feel like your house isn’t getting as warm as it once got. Furthermore, if you notice more dirt and debris on vents, in air ducts, and in the home you may need to change the air filter now before it causes extra damage to the furnace.
  5. All of the Above
    If you are experiencing any number of problems it is most likely because of worn parts that need replacement over time. Scheduled maintenance from a professional HVAC service person can help stop any problems before they worsen, as well as accurately diagnose the issue you may be facing with your heating system.

A problem can cause many symptoms, and knowing what to look for is important to fix the issue you are facing now before it becomes worse. Being well educated on your HVAC system will keep you comfortable in your home and it will make things easy on your wallet. Then again not all jobs are easily determined by one or two issues, and if you need extra help figuring out what the problem might be with your furnace, then call the service men and women of AmeriServ and let us provide a bit of comfort in your home.

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