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Commercial Roll-Up Door Repair

While both commercial and residential garage doors have the same basic purpose, they often need different kinds of attention when maintenance is the topic at hand. The demands of an industrial environment mean that commercial doors are frequently larger and more heavy-duty than the garage doors found attached to an average neighborhood home. Commercial roll-up doors can branch off into a few different types, such as service doors, fire doors, counter doors, and rolling grilles. The type of doors a business owner chooses depends on the particular needs of that location, and these doors require service from professionals who are familiar with them.

The Problem

Realizing that your garage door system doesn't function up to your standards can be a concerning situation, but it's important to know that converting a commercial garage door into one that better fits your needs doesn't mean you have to tear down your existing door. In many cases, professionally installed replacement hardware is all it takes to get business moving like it should be. A few helpful upgrades to consider for your commercial door include:

  • Utilizing corrosion-proof components that won't break down in harsh climates
  • Equipping your garage door with a 3 inch track as opposed to a 2 inch track
  • Switching from a hollow shaft to a solid shaft for garages using torsion springs
  • Taking advantage of feature-rich garage door openers
  • Having double end hinges and long stem rollers installed

Shapes and Styles

Commercial garage doors come in many styles, materials and shapes, but so do the applications that they are applied to. Doors are installed on jambs made of wood, concrete and steel. In areas where wind, rain and moisture are a problem, you may need to upgrade the seals and weather stripping.

Below you will find some guidelines for inspecting your commercial doors:

  • Check for damage to the hood that may cause binding between the hood and the door curtain.
  • Check the guide assembly for damages. The guides must form a groove that holds the door curtain in place as it moves up and down the assembly. The guides must be equally spaced from the top to the bottom so that the curtain and the bottom bar have free movement. Check all the hardware and fasteners and ensure that they are securely fastened to the jamb and to the wall above the jamb. Make sure everything is properly tightened.
  • Inspect both the curtain and the bottom bar. Ensure that they are not bent or damaged. Trucks with extended rear lifts or other obstructions may cause damage to the outside of the door. Hi lo equipment and hand pallet trucks may have caused damage to the inside.
  • Perform a simple "performance evaluation". Check the balance of the door. Use two hands to roll the door up and down. When the door is nearly open it should move rapidly into the hood. If it doesn't, you need to call a trained technician.
  • Roll-up doors should be inspected on an annual basis.
  • Fire doors should be inspected at least once a year.

At AmeriServ, we aim to be the company you will want to call on for all of your garage door related issues. We provide products and equipment from all major manufacturers, and can service whatever make or model of door system is installed in your home. Whether you need an expert for Genie, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Stanley, Linear, Clopay, or other types of products, we've got you covered.

About Our Techs

man-with-clipboardAmeriServ has been actively performing commercial garage door repair and installation in metro Atlanta and north Georgia for years. Our technicians have both classroom and field experience, and we believe that helping them to continue their industry education is the best way to provide you with services that you can rely on.

If you hold your garage door technicians up to a high standard, you will be glad to know that we do the very same thing. We require all of our employees to be screened and thoroughly checked out so you can be confident in the technician arriving at your door. At AmeriServ, we pride our team members in their abilities to provide fast, efficient services without up-selling you or using overly complicated language. We want you to be on board with the work that we do, and that means helping you learn how to take care of your commercial door when we're not here. For garage door technicians you can truly count on, call AmeriServ today!

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