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Premium Series Doors Atlanta

Classic Garage Door Line

Premium Series Classic Line
With a three-layer construction and three beautiful panel designs in six color options, these doors are the right choice for your home’s design. The Premium Series’ three-layer construction provides exceptional strength, insulation, dent resistance and security, as well as uncommonly quiet operation and a beautiful appearance outside and inside. No other manufacturer offers more styles, colors and windows.


Basic Steel Garage Door Styles - T50S Traditional Short

T50S Traditional Short

Complements home with traditional styling

Basic Steel Garage Door Styles - T50L Traditional Long

T50L Traditional Long

Ideal for ranch-style homes


Window Options

Garage Door Window Options - Sunburst in Fourths

Sunburst (8', 9', 16', 17', 18' Widths Only)

Garage Door Window Options - Cathedral

Cathedral 507

Garage Door Window Options - Sunburst in Eights

Sunburst (16', 17', 18' Widths Only)

Garage Door Window Options - Sherwood

Sherwood (8', 9', 12', 16', 17', 18', 20' Widths Only)

Garage Door Window Options - Sunburst in Sevenths

Sunburst (14', 15', 15'6" Widths Only

Garage Door Window Options - Stockton


Garage Door Window Options - Cascade


Garage Door Window Options - Sunburst in Fifths

Sunburst (10', 20' Widths Only)







Hunter Grn



Durable Construction & Reliable Operation

Garage Door Premium Series Diagram

Illustration for component location purposes only. Actual product has pilot holes on end stiles.

  1. Section joints are roll-formed into a tongue-and-groove design which produces a superior weather seal.
  2. Extra-heavy paint system includes .25 mil. primer with rust inhibitor and a .75 mil. coating of baked-on polyester paint in your choice of white, almond, sandstone, brown, bronze, gray, or evergreen.
  3. Concealed steel plates run continuously from top to bottom of each section for fastening hardware.
  4. White painted end stiles.
  5. Bottom weather seal utilizes an aluminum retainer and extruded virgin vinyl.
  6. Double sided steel doors are 2″ thick.

Four spring options available: Galvanized torsion, EZ-SET® torsion springs (galvanized), extension springs with containment cables, and EZ-SET® extension springs.

WINDCODE®: Doors available to meet all regional wind load requirements. Consult your local dealer for specific information.

Door sizes: Custom heights and widths available. Consult your local dealer for specific information.


Panel Construction

Garage Door Panel Construction
Polystyrene insulation is secured in place with a urethane adhesive to increase structural integrity. The front and back skins are locked together in a tongue-and-groove design for years of worry free protection. Raised R value* – 8.28 | Flush R Value* – 8.57.

Galvanized Torsion Spring

Garage Door Galvanized Torsion Spring
Corrosion-resistant, galvanized torsion springs look better and last up to 50% longer than industry standard springs.

Due to some height and weight restrictions, not all product offerings include galvanized torsion spring.

Step Plate/Lift Handle

Garage Door Step Plate/Lift Handle
Color matched exterior step plate/grip handles are durable, attractive and allow for safe opening and closing of your door.

Rust Prevention System

Garage Door Rust Prevention System
Steel skins are protected through a tough, layered coating system, including a hot-dipped galvanized layer, a protective metal oxide pretreatment, and a baked-on primer and top coat.

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