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Which Garage Door Opener is Right for You?

Finding the right garage door opener is easier than it sounds. Knowing the three main options for residential properties and what each offers can make this a no brainer. The three basic options are screw drive, belt drive, and chain drive garage door openers. Each specific garage door opener has its own positives and negatives that can either benefit or hinder the garage door opener that you want. Depending on where your garage is located on your home, how much you are willing to spend, and how handy you are working on a garage door will all determine which door opener is the best for your home.

  1. The Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
    The chain drive garage door opener is exactly as it sounds. This is a garage door that has a chain that is turned by the motor and lifts the garage door. The chain drive garage door is the oldest model of garage door openers, and also one of the cheapest. They are effective and wide spread among older homes, so parts are relatively easy to find, and many garage door technicians have more experience with these. Of course, it is suggested to use these only on garage doors that are not attached to the house or near a living area. This is because the chain drive garage door opener is very loud when in operation. On the other hand, this can be beneficial to someone who wishes to hear a noise when the garage door is being opened so you know someone is entering your home through the garage. This garage door opener is great to own, but if the noise bothers you, then you might want to try another.
  2. The Screw Drive Garage Door Opener
    Screw drive models are a bit more expensive compared to the chain drive, but with fewer parts to assemble they are easier for a DIY project. This means that the screw drive can be mounted and installed by most people with the right tools, but replacing the parts can be more difficult to find compared to the other two drives. Since this garage door opener type is used less, it is not as easy to visit your local hardware store and get everything you need. Plus, this garage door opener is just as noisy as the chain drive, and sometimes even more so. That means it is best not to use this kind of opener on a garage that is attached to the home as well. Overall it may be easy to install, but the amount of noise it produces along with the lack of easily accessible parts for repairs means that this garage door opener is not for a person who wishes to install the garage door opener and not have to constantly think about it.
  3. The Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
    Luxury may come at a price, but if silence is golden then you might have the golden touch after installing a belt drive garage door opener. These garage doors operate similarly to the chain drive garage door, but instead of a metal chain you have a rubber belt. This means that when you are opening and closing the door, the only sound you will hear is the door itself. These garage door openers are also known as whisper drives because they produce next to no sound at all. This means you can finally rent out that space above the garage now because the renter will never even know when the garage door is being used. Furthermore, parts and repairs are easy to find and easy to install, and with a similar design as the chain drive garage door opener, technicians will not have a hard time inspecting and fixing anything you need done.

Most times when you purchase or rent a home, you keep the garage door opener that has already been installed, but now that you know the difference between the three it might be better to change it up if the one you have is not the one you want. Not all garage door openers are created equal and that is why you aren’t stuck with the one you have. You can discuss your options with a garage door technician to get further advice and even hire them to take care of the installation and inspections for you. Now you can have the right garage door opener for the home that you always wanted.

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