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How To Properly Maintain Your Garage Door Opener

Maintaining Your Garage Door Opener

An automatic garage door opener is a boon for homeowners as it makes your garage easy and convenient to operate while adding more safety and security. On average, automatic garage door openers last for twelve years, but with regular maintenance measures, you can use the same garage door opener for many more years. A typical automatic opener requires very little maintenance performed twice a year. However, before you start experimenting with your garage door opener, it is important to understand its working system.

Types of garage door openers

Garage door openers can be made from the same working parts but can adopt different mechanisms. Generally, they can be made from three standard mechanisms like the belt-drive system, the chain-drive system, and the screw-drive system.

Chain-drive systems in garage door openers are common as they are less expensive and are powered by an electric motor that controls a metal chain. These garage door openers are one of the most reliable types of automatic openers but are known to be noisy. Belt-driven openers utilize a rubber belt in place of a metal chain to life the door, making for quiet and smooth operation. Screw-driven systems use threaded steel rods to open and close the door. This system operates slower in comparison to other openers but is capable of lifting heavy and single-piece garage doors.

Proper maintenance of garage door openers

A small automatic garage door opener is a significant item as it controls the movement of heavy garage doors and its moving parts. If any operational problems in the garage door and openers are left unnoticed, it could lead to severe injuries. To ensure that your home’s garage door and automatic opener are working at their peak, inspect and test the equipment once a month and detect any possible signs of damage.

Common garage door opener problems

When you own an automatic garage door opener, you could face a number of technical snags that affect smooth operation. Here are some of the common situations when your garage door opener faces problems, and simple solutions to avoid injury.

If your door opener is able to raise the door but not close it, you should check for the safety beam sensor. Repeated use of the remote could have misaligned, unplugged, or damaged the sensor.

  • If your remote control isn’t working at all, check for common signs of dead or weak batteries and dead transmitters or misplaced antenna wires.
  • If the garage door opener works with remote control but is unable to react to the wall switches, you should check for loose connections at the switchboard or for short-circuit in the wiring.
  • If your garage door opener is operating by itself, check for faulty transmitters, circuit boards, wall switch shorts, and stray signals.
  • If your garage door opener is working perfectly but the door isn’t responding, you should check for wear and tear in the equipment, broken chains, disengaged doors, and chain-driven sprockets.

Take precautions and do not allow children to play with the garage door opener as it could lead to equipment damage and expose them to serious injury.

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