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Universal Remotes for Garage Doors

How to Program a Universal Garage Door Remote
If you find yourself in need of an extra remote for the garage door, it may be easiest to buy a universal remote from your local hardware store. Of course, that means the remote is not ready to go with the garage door opener you already have, so programming the remote is a must unless you want a fashionable paper weight. Some people may think this project is too difficult, or they simply don’t want to bother with programming it because they don’t have the information to do so. This article will provide step by step instructions to getting your remote to open your garage door.

  1. Getting Started:
    Let’s begin by finding a universal remote that you prefer the most. This means you need a remote that is from the same company as the garage door opener you have installed. From there, choose your preferred design and pick the best button options for your garage door unit. Once you have found the best universal remote, you will need to determine if your garage door uses remote frequencies that change the code with each use, or if you have an older model with a single code based on switch positions.
  2. The Changing Code Frequency
    Newer model garage doors have a safety mechanism built in that changes the code sent by the remote via radio signal to the garage door opener every time you open and close it. This makes it impossible for someone to make a clone of the code and be able to open the garage door without your permission. With most new models, you will be using this type of security to match your universal remote to your garage door. If this is the case, you need to:
    A. Find the Smart button on the garage door opener itself. It is typically a small black button inside the light cover, but it can be a number of other colors.
    B. Press the button and hold it down until an indicator button begins to flash.
    C. Once the indicator light is flashing, press the button on your universal remote to see if it works.
    D. If the remote is operational, let go of the Smart button and, once the light stops flashing, hold down the same button until the garage door opens. As a general rule, each garage door opener can support up to five remotes.
    E. If there is not a Smart button, you need to punch in the active code that is printed on the motor of the garage door with the numbered buttons on your remote. Once the code is entered, wait for the red light to blink and your remote is ready.
  3. The Single Code Switches Frequency
    Older garage doors did not use the constant changing code every time a remote was used, and thus had a single code switch that the remote had to match. With a switch code garage door, you need to set the switches in the remote to the same position as the garage door opener has them. Once the switches are matched, the remote should be able to open and close this garage door opener.

Universal garage door remotes are not difficult to program; it just depends on what model you have. It is important to note that while these are instructions on how to program your remote, each manufacturer may have different needs to program their particular model to their garage door opener. If you have any extra questions or concerns, or you simply did not get the end result you wished after following these steps, you may refer to the user manual for the remote. In addition, you could call a professional for help. If you wish to have a professional take care of your programming needs to have the universal remote programmed right the first time, the garage door technicians of AmeriServ can help out. With a professional attitude, a well trained staff and competitive pricing, we can sort out your garage door remote needs or fix any other problems you may have with your garage door unit. Call us today and speak with a friendly representative to learn about how we can get your garage door rolling again.

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